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Introduction to Python: Creating Scalable, Robust, Interactive Code


About this course

Ready to build on the experience you gained in the Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner and Fundamentals courses? Continue to learn Python, step by step, as you create scalable, robust, and interactive code.

Explore the power of importing Python Libraries into your code. Create Python (.py) files, and work within the file system. Increase the power and precision of your statements through better understanding of objects, operators, and formatting. Plus, make code with robust error handling methods, package your Python files for running in other programs or from the terminal, and provide standard Docstring documentation.

When you finish the course, you’ll have code that will handle errors, you’ll have solid, standard documentation features, and you’ll be able to use more robust data structures. Start using your skills to solve problems and build code that lasts.

As with the previous introduction to Python programming courses, you will get lots of hands-on practice working with sample code in Jupyter Notebooks on Azure, which require only a browser and an Internet connection (and, in this course, use the Jupiter Terminal).

What you'll learn

  • Using libraries, including math, os, datetime
  • Creating precise and powerful statements
  • Error handling, including try/except
  • Tuple and dictionary data structures
  • Python (.py) file configuration for reuse in code and in terminal
  • Documenting code structure


  • Dev236x
  • Dev274x

Meet the instructors

Eric Camplin

Eric Camplin

Senior Content Developer Microsoft

Eric Camplin is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft Learning with a focus on software development for beginning programmers. He has over 17 years of industry experience in various roles including software development in test, program management, engineering management and content development. Additionally, Eric was a Public High School Teacher for 10 years, primarily in Seattle.

Anas Salah Eddin

Anas Salah Eddin

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Cal Poly Pomona

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona

Paige Bailey

Paige Bailey

Se. Cloud Developer Advocate Microsoft

Paige Bailey is a Geologist, Computer Scientist, Data Scientist and Public Speaker at Tech conferences and events on subjects including Python, Data Science, STEM education… and is currently a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft.

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  4. Estimated Effort

    Total 15 to 20 hours