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Develop for Azure storage


Course Overview

This course is part of a series of four courses to help you prepare for Microsoft’s Azure Developer certification exam AZ-200: Develop Core Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions. These courses are designed for developers who already know how to code in at least one of the Azure-supported languages.

The coursework covers developing solutions leveraging Azure Storage options including: Cosmos DB, Azure Storage tables, file storage, Blob, relational databases, and caching and content delivery networks.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Connect to storage in Azure
  • Design and implement policies to Tables
  • Create, read, update, and delete tables by using code
  • Develop for Azure Redis cache and content delivery networks
  • Develop solutions that use blob storage


  • These courses are for experienced programmers who want to develop and host solutions in Azure. Learners should have some experience with Azure and must be able to program in at least one Azure-supported language. These course focus on C#, Node.js, Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, and JavaScript.


Module 1: Develop solutions that use Azure Storage tables

  • Connect to Azure Storage
  • Design and implement Storage tables
  • Query a table by using code

Module 2: Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB storage Azure Cosmos DB

  • Choose the appropriate API for Cosmos DB storage
  • Manage containers and items in Cosmos DB storage
  • Create, read, update, and delete documents in Azure Cosmos DB by using code

Module 3: Develop solutions that use file storage

  • Implement file shares for an Azure storage account
  • Migrating content to and between file shares

Module 4: Develop solutions that use a relational database

  • Create, read, update, and delete database tables by using code
  • Implement SQL Dynamic Data Masking

Module 5: Develop solutions that use Microsoft Azure Blob storage

  • Create a Shared Access Signature for a blob
  • Asynchronously move items in Blob storage between containers
  • Set Blob storage container properties in metadata

Module 6: Develop for caching and content delivery solutions

  • Azure Redis Cache
  • Develop for storage on CDNs
  1. Course Number

  2. Classes Start

  3. Classes End

  4. Estimated Effort

    8-16 hours in total